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District Sports 2019

Children in KS2 took part in the Small Schools District Sports Competition. All our children behaved very well and we were proud at the way in which they represented the school.

We were very proud to have won both the girls’ competition and overall.

Collective worship  – Summer 2019

All collective worship starts at 9.05am, unless otherwise stated. Please make sure you are prompt otherwise you may not be able to join us.

Date Year Group Time
24.5.19 Year 1 9.05am
7.6.19 Pentecost and Eucharist 9.00am (leave school)
14.6.19 Year 2 9.05am
21.6.19 Year 5 9.05am
5.7.19 Year 4 9.05am
5.7.19 Reception 2.30pm
12.7.19 Year 3 and Piano Assembly 9am
19.7.19 Year 6 leavers service in church 9am

Online Safety Issue – Momo Challenge

Please be aware that there are very serious online safety concerns about hacking into YouTube videos (including Peppa Pig and Fortnight) online with horrible images, and other violence-provoking content. There are a number of articles in the press regarding this. Please see the National Online Safety advice below to support you.

There is a guide for parents and carers: MOMO-Online-Safety-Guide-for-Parents-FEB-2019

We will also provide information on the newsletter.

Review and reorganisation fo the school day Summer 2019

We are planning to make some changes to the school day in a positive move to improve learning behaviour and also support attendance. There will be a trial change to lunch times next term to see how the sessions would run. We will be finishing lunch at 1pm instead of 1.15pm to add in some well-being activities for children, and provide more learning activities within the school day. This will also mean that we will be gaining time in the curriculum so will be able to finish earlier at the end of the academic year on Friday 19thJuly.

At parent consultations we will have more information about this and the changes we are proposing for the following year. These changes are designed to support opportunities when holidays can be taken at cheaper times, support mental health and well-being, and reorganise the valuable learning time during the school day.


Safer Internet Day 5th February 2019.

Please have a look at the link with some resources to support this themed day:

Also on this website are lots of resources to support parents and carers to keep children safe online. Check out the Primary Zone:

Children’s Mental Health Week – 4th – 10th February 2019.

We always take mental health seriously and provide our pupils with a wide range of opportunities to talk if they need to or want to.

There are a number of resources available online for parents and carers (see below). If you would like further support from the school or are at all concerned please contact the school.

Anti-bullying Week 12-16th November

Next week is Anti-bullying Week, and the theme this year is Respect. The focus is on online safety, making parents, carers and children aware of the issues around how to stay safe online and how to avoid cyber-bullying. We will be updating the website with the latest information. On Monday (12th November) children can wear odd socks for Odd Socks Day. We will also be reminding children about talking to trusted adults at home and at school if there are issues (not just those online) they are concerned about, what information they should be keeping private, and the sorts of things which might make them unsafe.

For more information have a look at the website:

 Prayer Wall

During last term’s Prayer Days children wrote and decorating prayer bricks for the front entrance. These are now on display and look amazing. If you are in school at any point, please do come to the front entrance and have a look.

Road safety at night
The School Travel Safety Team have launched a campaign about keeping safe in the dark – ‘Dress Bright and Be Seen’. Please have a look at the information below. This is especially usefulas the clocks go back this weekend.

Holy Trinity 100

This year we are launching a list of experiences which we would like our children to have the opportunity to complete by the time they leave in Year 6. This is ‘The Holy Trinity 100’ as we would like to have 100 activities listed. The idea is that we look at what enrichment activities we currently provide, and then update or add to them to provide pupils with a wider range of opportunities for personal development. Experiences like these have a really positive impact upon their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience.

We would really like your input with this so please give us your ideas. We will have a clipboard at the parents meetings starting next week, and any opportunity where we can gain your ideas. Examples that we currently have in place are:

  • Watching a chick hatch
  • Watching a theatre production
  • Taking part in an opera
  • Visiting a zoo
  • Sleeping in a tent
  • Forest school
  • Cycling proficiency

Energy Kidz After School Club

Please remember that the after school provision is Energy Kidz from September 2018. Parents and carers will need to contact the club if they need this provision as the school will not have staffing to cater for this. We do not have the staffing to accommodate regular lateness.You will need to register and book directly with them. The club was launched on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

The provision runs from school finish at 3:15pm (3pm for Reception) until 6:00pm (although they will be flexible depending upon train times), a snack is served. Unfortunately it is flat rate as their policy will not allow for shorter sessions.

It is really important that parents who want this service book their places as soon as possible. This can be done via the Energy Kidz booking system, accessed from their website, which offers the flexibility to book regular sessions or just as and when needed. Our school page on their website is:

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new after school club which will be starting in September. Information is available now for booking.

After School Club – Holy Trinity CE Primary School ASC Leaflet – Compressed

Parent Welcome Guide – After School Club-min

Energy Kidz

Energy Kids launch letter

NSPCC Fortnite Game warning.

There have been increasing numbers of our children talking about playing the game Fortnite. It is rated  for 12 years and above, but I know there are much younger children playing it. The NSPCC have raised concerns about this game and have put together some advice for parents to minimise any risks . There seem to be two main concerns, one is that it is highly addictive, and the other is that potentially players can be contacted by anyone meaning that children may not be safe online. Please have a look at the information to make sure you are aware of the potential dangers and ways of combatting this risk. We are sending out the following letter with further information: Fortnite

NSPCC Fortnite advice

GDPR – Data protection law changes

You may be aware that from May, the rules around data protection are changing. The ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) will change how we can use your personal data and keep it safe, and will also strengthen your rights over your own data. The point of this is to make sure sensitive or private information about yourselves and your children stays safe. Whilst it is similar to the current Data Protection Act in many ways, there are a few differences, so we need to make a few changes to our privacy notices in order to ensure we remain compliant. We have updated our privacy notices and policies in line with the changes. These notices have been sent out to parents and carers.

2018 May Privacy Notice parents and carers  

2018 May HT GDPR Policy

2018 May Data Retention Policy

2018 May Privacy Notice pupils

If you have any questions about how the GDPR affects you, or how our school is preparing, you can contact our Data Protection Officer or via the usual school contact details.


We are graded as a good school with outstanding features. We are pleased that the hard work of the school has been externally recognised.

Overall effectiveness Good
Effectiveness of leadership and management Good
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Outstanding
Outcomes for pupils Good
Early years provision Good

HT OFSTED Report June 9th and 10th 2016

RE Quality Mark.

We are proud and pleased to have gained a silver award for the quality of our RE. We are now working towards Gold in the next year to 18 months. Well done to all the children and staff.

Holy Trinity CE Primary School REQM Letter



Our SIAMS inspection report has now been officially published. We are delighted with the outcome and the feedback about our school and community. The report has been sent out to parents and carers today.


SchoolComms – online payments to school via credit or debit card

We  have introduced a new service ‘School Gateway’. This means that you will be able to make online payments via the School Gateway smartphone app or website. You will also be able to view school meal balances and top them up at any time.

Further information: Schoolcomms letter to Parents

Holy Trinity on TWITTER!

Holy Trinity has launched our new Twitter account (see to the right of the page) that can be used to keep up to date with what is going on in school.

The Twitter address is @HolyTrinity1952