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Please don’t forget school is closed on Friday 14th February for an INSET day.

FEELING GOOD WEEK – 10th Feb – 13th Feb 2020

Safer Internet Day resources:


Feeling Good Week is a Hertfordshire-wide event that encourages schools and the wider community to promote children and young people’s emotional well-being by raising awareness of mental health and showing where support can be accessed. As part of this we have planned a variety of activities throughout the school next week focusing on well-being, healthy lifestyles and being safe on the internet.   

Thursday 6th February – Time to Talk, each class will take time to talk for ten minutes during the day.

Monday 10th February – All children in school will be taking part in a variety of well-being activities including, yoga, mindfulness, drama, PE, Music and gardening. Please ensure your child has a PE kit and trainers in school.

Tuesday 11th February – Each class will be looking at food and baking linked to a favourite story.

Wednesday 12th February Whole school sponsored walk. Attached is a sponsor sheet, please sponsor your child and all proceeds will be going towards the school library and reading books. Please dress in funky sports clothes and ensure you have a change of shoes as we will be on the school field. (Children can wear wellies as it may be muddy!)  

Thursday 13th February – Safer internet day, all classes will be looking at how to stay safe on the internet and taking part in different PE activities to promote healthy well-being.

Dreams and Goals – our focus for this half term in PSHE is dreams and goals. The KS2 children have collaborated to create their dream garden featuring their goals. An amazing, collaborative piece!

Dates overview:

Holy Trinity CE Diary Dates Spring 2020

We are having a real focus on getting all our children to have at least one parent/carer on Marvellous Me by the end of this term. All teachers will be sending messages to children in their classes, but also across the school. We will be using the app a lot more this year! We also have Twitter which we use, and will be starting to use Facebook later in the year so that we can share lots more information about events, and your children’s learning. If you’d like more information about Marvellous Me please speak to your child’s teacher. Our school Twitter is HolyTrinity1952.

Term dates: HT Term Dates 2019 20 master

Reading newsletter 1 – is now available: HT Reading Newsletter Dec 19

Reading – is always a key focus area. We check percentages of children reading across each class for each week. As well as it being important to hear your child read on an individual basis, children want to win the trophy for KS1 or KS2 by having the highest percentages. Please support this.

Attendance – Please remember that it is a parent/ carer’s responsibility to make sure that your child attends school on time and regularly. This week I met with the Attendance Improvement Officer to review our children’s attendance. Where there are serious concerns I have written to parents. The Attendance Officer will be visiting again in December, and will be booking appointments with parents and carers where there are concerns. Please make sure your child is on time and in school regularly. The grid below shows how we class attendance at school. All children should be in school at least 96% of the time unless there is a significant reason which has been brought to the school’s attention. If you wish to discuss any issues or would like any support, please make an appointment.

Results 2019 (provisional)

We start the new academic year on a very positive note as we are able to share with you our end of year results from July 2019. The children worked really hard, made so much progress over the year, and gained brilliant results!! Well done!!


73% 71.5%


81% 82%


96% 92%





READING 73% 75%
WRITING 77% 70%
MATHS 77% 76%








READING 78% 73% 26% 27%
WRITING 72% 78% 29% 20%
MATHS 81% 79% 29% 27%
R, W & M 68% 65% 26% 11%

These results are compared with national levels; you can see how well the school compares.

Term dates: HT Term Dates 2019 20 master

Holy Trinity 100

This year we are launching a list of experiences which we would like our children to have the opportunity to complete by the time they leave in Year 6. This is ‘The Holy Trinity 100’ as we would like to have 100 activities listed. The idea is that we look at what enrichment activities we currently provide, and then update or add to them to provide pupils with a wider range of opportunities for personal development. Experiences like these have a really positive impact upon their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience.

Thank you to everyone who has given us their ideas so far, we would be delighted to have your input if you have not already given your ideas..  Examples that we currently have in place are:

  • Watching a chick hatch
  • Watching a theatre production
  • Taking part in an opera
  • Visiting a zoo
  • Sleeping in a tent
  • Forest school
  • Cycling proficiency
  • Enjoying the taste of a toasted marshmallow
  • Visiting a museum

Energy Kidz After School Club

Please remember that the after school provision is Energy Kidz . Parents and carers will need to contact the club if they need this provision as the school will not have staffing to cater for this. We do not have the staffing to accommodate regular lateness.You will need to register and book directly with them.

The provision runs from school finish at 3:30pm (3.15pm for Reception) until 6:00pm (although they will be flexible depending upon train times), a snack is served. Unfortunately it is flat rate as their policy will not allow for shorter sessions.

It is really important that parents who want this service book their places as soon as possible. This can be done via the Energy Kidz booking system, accessed from their website, which offers the flexibility to book regular sessions or just as and when needed. Our school page on their website is:

NSPCC Fortnite Game warning.

There have been increasing numbers of our children talking about playing the game Fortnite. It is rated  for 12 years and above, but I know there are much younger children playing it. The NSPCC have raised concerns about this game and have put together some advice for parents to minimise any risks . There seem to be two main concerns, one is that it is highly addictive, and the other is that potentially players can be contacted by anyone meaning that children may not be safe online. Please have a look at the information to make sure you are aware of the potential dangers and ways of combatting this risk. We are sending out the following letter with further information: Fortnite

NSPCC Fortnite advice

GDPR – Data protection law changes

You may be aware that from May, the rules around data protection are changing. The ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) will change how we can use your personal data and keep it safe, and will also strengthen your rights over your own data. The point of this is to make sure sensitive or private information about yourselves and your children stays safe. Whilst it is similar to the current Data Protection Act in many ways, there are a few differences, so we need to make a few changes to our privacy notices in order to ensure we remain compliant. We have updated our privacy notices and policies in line with the changes. These notices have been sent out to parents and carers.

2018 May Privacy Notice parents and carers  

2018 May HT GDPR Policy

2018 May Data Retention Policy

2018 May Privacy Notice pupils

If you have any questions about how the GDPR affects you, or how our school is preparing, you can contact our Data Protection Officer or via the usual school contact details.


We are graded as a good school with outstanding features. We are pleased that the hard work of the school has been externally recognised.

Overall effectiveness Good
Effectiveness of leadership and management Good
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Outstanding
Outcomes for pupils Good
Early years provision Good

HT OFSTED Report June 9th and 10th 2016

RE Quality Mark.

We are proud and pleased to have gained a silver award for the quality of our RE. We are now working towards Gold in the next year to 18 months. Well done to all the children and staff.

Holy Trinity CE Primary School REQM Letter



Our SIAMS inspection report has now been officially published. We are delighted with the outcome and the feedback about our school and community. The report has been sent out to parents and carers today.


SchoolComms – online payments to school via credit or debit card

We  have introduced a new service ‘School Gateway’. This means that you will be able to make online payments via the School Gateway smartphone app or website. You will also be able to view school meal balances and top them up at any time.

Further information: Schoolcomms letter to Parents

Holy Trinity on TWITTER!

Holy Trinity has launched our new Twitter account (see to the right of the page) that can be used to keep up to date with what is going on in school.

The Twitter address is @HolyTrinity1952