About Holy Trinity

A Brief History of the School.

Trinity School was first established in 1841. First a school room was built for girls and infants next to Trinity Chapel (now Christ Church) in Trinity Lane. Then a school room for boys was added with teachers’ cottages built between the two rooms to separate boys and girls. Boys and girls were not taught together until 1947. As the number of pupils at the school grew the building was enlarged. By the 1930’s it was obvious that the old building needed a lot of improvement to bring it up to modern standards. In 1938 an appeal was launched to raise money for this, and by 1939 it had been decided to demolish the old school and build a new one. The war stopped the building but planning continued.

The school playing fields and allotments were next to the old vicarage (now Longlands close.) This land had been leased from the school by the Theobalds Estate. This was to be the site for the new school. After a great deal of fund raising and effort the new school was finally opened in July 1952. Except for a few minor additions the school has not greatly changed since that time and still has beautiful grounds in which the children can play and learn.

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