Don’t forget our ‘Get Caught Reading Campaign’.


Where can you get caught reading? Please send in photos or email them to the school admin account for us to print off for you. There will be a prize/s for the most interesting or unusual place/s you get caught reading.

Over the Christmas period you are challenged to do some extreme reading: celebrating books and the pleasure of reading them.

To enter you need to get a photo of you being caught reading somewhere unusual, funny or surprising! You might be posing with a book up a mountain, relaxing with a book in a hammock or visiting somewhere amazing, unexpected or exotic. Let your imagination fly!

Just get someone to take a photo and enter the Get Caught Reading competition. Your face or head does not have to be in the photo and the idea is to celebrate books and readers. The photos will be used for display to promote reading at Holy Trinity CE School.

Where can you get caught reading? We are looking forward to seeing all your interesting photos!


Children’s learning of phonics is an important part of their learning to read. Phonic support from home is really useful, and to assist you, we have added the link to the proper pronunciation of the sounds.


This provides all the sounds as they are taught in school so that we are all working together effectively.



Curriculum Overviews.

The Holy Trinity English curriculum follows the Herts for Learning overviews ensuring full coverage of the curriculum. The planning provides a wide variety of texts which help to capture the interest and imaginations of pupils.

English Planning overviews years 1-6


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