Inclusion is at the heart of our school, we celebrate that all children are different and are indeed unique. Our aims and values underpin this inclusivity.

Our motto is:

Alta Pete – Aim High

Let your light shine

The SEN Code of Practice 2014 states:

“A pupil has Special Educational Needs where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision, namely provision different from or additional to pupils of the same age.”

At Holy Trinity we identify children as having a Special Educational Need in a variety of ways. Class teachers regularly assess children through marking and feedback and observation in class. If they are concerned then they begin to record details of their concerns over a period of time before bringing evidence to the SENCo who will investigate further.

In addition we track children’s progress through data using the Hertfordshire Steps method of assessment for Years 1 to 6 and the EYFS Stages of Development for Reception.

Twice a term we have Pupil Progress Meetings with every Class Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team (Head, Maths/Assessment lead, English Lead and SENCO. At these meetings we pull together observations from teachers, tracking data and the impact of any interventions. From this we decide if further actions need to be put in place and if a child needs further assessment regarding a possible SEN. Actions and goals may be short-term or long-term and will fluid based on ongoing assessment of the child. Specific targets are provided for each pupil to achieve these goals. These are SMART targets which last approximately two weeks. This is then reviewed and updated until the goal is met or changed.

Parents and carers are involved in supporting at home and informed about these concerns. If we feel there is further cause for concern then we will collaborate with the parents to identify next steps which may include consulting with or referring to a specialist professional or service.

What should I do if I think my child may have Special Educational Needs?

In the first instance, speak to your child’s Class Teacher. He/she will listen to your concerns and explain any strategies we use in school. He/she may also suggest activities you could do at home to support your child.

If the Class Teacher also feels there is cause for concern then he/she will arrange a meeting with you and the SENCo.

Alternatively you can approach the SENCo directly through the email: We offer regular opportunities for parents to consult with teachers. We also invite parents and carers of children with SEND to meet with the class teacher and SENCO for a longer meeting to discuss their child’s needs and provision. There are formal parents’ evenings in October and March and a Progress Review in June. We actively encourage parents to speak to the teacher or SENCo as soon as their concerns become apparent. Appointments can always be made through the school office.

SEN Policy

HT SEND policy July 2019

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